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A Second Session of Machia Camp... coming soon!

We are developing the curriculum for a second week of our camp. We’d love to hear from you, our wider audience, for input and suggestions!


In designing the second week of camp, we felt it important to make it different than our standard week. Campers will be able to attend both or either one of the weeks.  No previous learning requirements are necessary for either one! 

In order to offer the best education for our students to absorb the knowledge, we are limiting this second week to 15 campers. 

The Machia Wilderness Camp’s programs are focused on teaching youth to be better stewards of our earth. Keeping this principle in mind, we’ve planned for the second week to have new content, adding insightful information for everyone to have in their toolbox. 


The Curriculum

This is what we are thinking for the second week so far: By inviting in local experts and using our hundred plus acre campus in Milton as our outdoor classroom, campers in our second session will examine and learn about: 

1.  Indigenous Heritage and gardening

2.  Survival skills 

3.  Wildlife Habitat 

4.  Forest Management 

5.  First Aide


What You Can Do 

We are looking for suggestions of interest your kids or grandchildren might have in these areas! Have some ideas? We'd love your help in answering the questions below. More thoughts? Send them our way at We'd love to hear from you!

Would you be interested in having your child/grandchild attend this camp?

Your submission has been recorded!

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