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Over the 5 1/2  days of Machia Wilderness Camp, participants explore conservation and life skills. All programs involve interactive classroom activities combined with extensive hands-on outdoor learning. Courses are developed by Vermont Fish & Wildlife certified instructors and cover curriculum required for Vermont’s Hunter Education Program. At the conclusion of the camp, participants can take the test and receive the required safety certifications to obtain hunting licenses.

Machia Wilderness Camp is open to youth ages 11 to 18. Each participant receives a T-shirt; a hot home made lunch and (mostly) healthy snacks. Your $175 camper fee helps cover the cost of meals and necessary materials. Scholarships are available.

Applications are open for Week One 2024 Camp. Download the application and submit to Bonnie at upon completion.

Hunter Education

This basic course imparts critical knowledge and ethical values with a major emphasis on safety and respect for natural resources. The program exposes participants to the hunting tradition and covers aspects of wildlife identification, wilderness navigation, and survival techniques.


Participants learn the safe and responsible use of traditional and modern archery equipment. The program will also cover bow hunting attitudes, behavior, wildlife species, and the environment. Proper hunting ethics are strongly emphasized.


This program introduces participants to the fundamental aspects of fresh water fishing, including poles, tackle, and bait. Participants will learn about various fish species and safety around water.


Participants learn the fundamentals of humane modern trapping of both land and water animals. This program emphasizes ethical and responsible use of trapping to control animal populations and species health.

Survival Skills

Campers learn some basic skills for outdoor survival such as edibles found in nature, how to safely build fires with materials on hand and how to build themselves shelters.


Many campers' favorite lunch of the week is chili. They prepare and cook chili from scratch over an open fire in cast iron pots. 

Week 1 Machia Camp Flyer 2024.png

Week One 2024 Dates-

July 8th - 13th in Milton, Vermont. 


*NEW for 2024*

We've added a second week of camp!

See details for this second week

Week Two 2024 Dates-

July 15th - 20th in Milton, Vermont.

Please call Bonnie at 802-863-3557 or email with any questions.


See more photos of past camps at our photo gallery

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