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Mission Statement: Machia Wilderness Camp


Machia Wilderness Camp is committed to creating a more sustainable planet.


  • By focusing on today’s youth.

  • Building a conservation stewardship philosophy of living in harmony with our environment.

  • Teaching everyday skills needed to successfully use natural resources responsibly.

  • Teaching and practicing ethics-based values needed in our communities and the world.



  • Run a week-long day program for youth ages 11 -18.

  • Lead youth through a series of practical and fun activities about the importance of a sustainable relationship between people and nature.

  • Instill the philosophy and value of becoming conservation stewards.

  • Teach practical skills to help our youth use conservation resources wisely and practice stewardship in their everyday life.

  • Develop an apprentice program for campers we identify as potential leaders desiring to share their knowledge and skills. To further hone their skills needed to successfully use natural resources responsibly.

Our Vision:

To expand beyond our highly successful one-week day camp. We will offer programs, one to six-weeks in duration, focused on the building trades, land and forest management, gardening and food preservation, mechanics, and the use and development of renewable energy sources. Campers, under professional direction, will progress from being students, to apprentices and ultimately becoming teachers.

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