In addition to providing useful skills in outdoor survival and appreciation, Machia Wilderness Camp is fun and inspiring for many campers. Those who have demonstrated mastery of the skills and knowledge and who have proven to be responsible are invited back as apprentices.

The apprentice program is much like any camp's CIT program; the apprentices teach alongside the instructors and each leads a section of the camp. They are honing leadership skills, gaining confidence and inspiring the campers they teach while continuing to learn themselves. Apprentices may also attend events with board members throughout the year, assisting with fundraising and helping people understand our mission.

Machia Wilderness Camp's apprentice program fulfills the community service credit required by most high schools. Although not a paid position, apprentices can list participation as experience when applying for first employment.


Online Army Commissioning of Machia Camp Apprentice!

Liam O'Brien has served Machia Wilderness Camp and will now serve his country.

Outdoor Adventure Leadership:

Chloe's life after being a camper, an apprentice, and serving as camp medic at Machia Camp.

A Formative Experience:
A once reluctant camper, Chloe's experiences at camp helped her discover her passion for nature and outdoor adventure. 

NOTE: Participants' last names may be omitted to protect their privacy. E-mail with questions or concerns.

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