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Rifle Raffle 2016

Machia Wilderness Camp Benefit Raffle


• 22 Henry Pump Rifle

• SPS 300 Winchester Short Mag Rifle

• Ruger All American 308 Rifle with 3-9 Scope

• Ruger All American 270 Rifle with 3-9 Scope

• 20 Gauge Remington 870 Pump Shotgun

-Raffle will be drawn when all 250 tickets are sold-

for purchasing, contact:

Bonnie Machia, 703 Dorset St., S. Burlington, VT 05403; or call: 802-863-3557


Rifle Raffle

Machia Wilderness Camp

Benefit Raffle


Prize Winners:

Smith & Wesson AR-15 MP .22 – Winner: Alfred

Savage Axis 7mm – 08, With Bushnell 3×9 Scope – Winner: Dan

Savage Axis .243 cal., With Bushnell 3×9 Scope – Winner: Igor

Savage 20 Gauge Model 220 Slug Gun – Winner: Mike

Ruger 10-22 With Standard Stock – Winner: Chris

Results of the Drawing of the First Rifle benefiting The Machia Wilderness Camp are attached!!

The tickets were drawn by Dustin Bushway and one of his customers, name unknown, at 8:45 AM on Saturday February 14, 2014.  Each winner has been notified, at least by a voice mail message.  I have also sent letters or made other arrangements, with the information they need to pick up the firearms.

Don’t forget we have Raffle #2 running right now and several tickets have been sold already!!

For further information on these contact: Bonnie Machia, 703 Dorset St., S. Burlington, VT 05403; or call: 802-863-3557; or e-mail: