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“The Machia Wilderness Camp exists for the sake of helping youth understand and participate in sustaining the planet for life, recreation, and God’s glory. We are dedicated to teaching youth ways of creating a sustainable relationship between mankind and nature revitalizing our roles as stewards of the earth.

We focus our efforts toward fostering a philosophy of living that carries beyond the camp into everyday life; i.e. living in harmony with our environment. We work toward developing an apprentice type program for campers we identify as future leaders desiring to share knowledge and skills, further honing the skills needed to successfully use natural resources responsibly.”

This year the camp will run July 10 – 15 from 8:30am – 4:00pm each day.

Rifle Raffle Winners

The winning tickets for the 2nd benefit raffle were drawn at the annual Calcutta and silent auction on September 24, 2016. Their first names (for privacy reasons) are provided below:

Remington 700 SPS .300 WSM: Jonathan
Ruger All American .308 with 3×9 scope: Jonathan
Ruger All American .270 with 3×9 scope: John
Henry Pump Rifle .22 Cal: Jason
Remington 870 20 gauge Pump Shotgun: Colby
We appreciate all who supported Machia Wilderness Camp with the purchase of raffle tickets. Raffle #3, a 5-day, all-expenses-paid Texas deer hunt, will be drawn at next year’s Calcutta and silent auction. Date to be determined.